$1.4 Million Investment Granted To Build Agriculture Center


$1.4 Million Investment Granted To Build Agriculture Center

WASHINGTON – U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker today announced that the Department’s Economic Development Administration (EDA) is awarding a more than $1.4 million grant to Siete del Norte Community Development Corporation (SdNCDC) in Embudo, New Mexico to develop Phase 1 of the Hunter Arts & Agricultural Center in Espanola, New Mexico. According to grantee estimates, this project could create up to 150 new full-time jobs with affordable living wages to be filled by low-income, unemployed, or underemployed individuals from the communities within the region.

“The Obama Administration is committed to helping communities bolster their local industries to further their economic development plans,” said Secretary Pritzker. “The EDA investment announced today will enable the Espanola community to develop its agricultural and arts industries.”

EDA’s investment will help fund the complete renovation and redevelopment of a two building complex that will house the center, including making structural repairs and improvements to bring the facilities up to code. According to the grantee, the project will provide an essential resource for smaller- and mid-size farms by lowering the costs of safe processing, packaging, and distribution of locally-grown produce and products. This will help increase access to secondary markets and offering affordable healthy foods and vegetables for Northern New Mexico families. Technical assistance and access to affordable capital will be offered through Prestamos and SdNCDC’s Business Ventures programs.

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