Bill Loosening Liquor License Restrictions Passes Senate Judiciary Committee

by Reporter / Mar 08, 2019 / 0 comments

Bill Loosening Liquor License Restrictions Passes Senate Judiciary Committee

Santa Fe—People who want to buy or sell liquor licenses in New Mexico will potentially have more opportunities if SB 19 becomes law because it loosens restrictions and offers more choice and flexibility. It passed Senate Judiciary Thursday.

The bill removes a restriction on liquor licenses sold and moved outside of their local option district. It allows buyers to actually choose which part of the two-part liquor license it wants to use and thereby opens ups more opportunities for both the buyers and sellers of liquor licenses. The buyer can choose to use the dispenser part of the license which allows liquor to be sold by the drink or the package part of the license which allows sales of liquor in a package or bottle. Currently, a liquor business buying a liquor license to move into another district has no choice. It automatically loses its package privilege once its dispenser license is sold outside its local option district.  

Senator Ron Griggs (R-District 34) has introduced Senate Bill 19 to change existing law as it relates to the sale of the dispenser licenses outside of their existing local option district.  “The choice is good for business. It  helps business by making liquor licenses more available statewide because the flexibility opens the licenses up to more buyers, allowing sellers a better chance to sell,” Senator Griggs said.

Dispenser licenses are comprised of two parts; one allows for the sale of liquor by the drinks and the other allows for the sale of package liquor.

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