Alicia Fine Jewelers: Serving The Community For 32 Years

by Staff Reporter / Nov 30, 2017 / comments

Alicia Fine Jewelers: Serving The Community For 32 Years

As we enter the holiday season the Valley Daily Post is highlighting some of our areas great local businesses. Alicia Fine Jewelers has been a fixture in our community for 32 years and has much to offer shoppers.

Staff Report

Thirty-two years ago a historic adobe house in Española was converted by family members into a jewelry store offering high-end merchandise and service, with hometown service and prices (See Below For A Special Promotion).

Alicia Fine Jewelers, located at 108 Paseo De Oñate, in Española was the birthplace of Eric Serna, who opened the store in 1985 with his wife Barbara and his sister. Years earlier, Eric's mother, Alicia Serna sparked the family's passion for jewelry when she opened a silver and turquoise store in part of the house. Eventually, that shop closed and the family leased the space to other businesses. Over the years an insurance company, a record store and other businesses filled the space. But the family's passion for fine jewelry never faded. When the family opened the current store, they named it after Alicia Serna, the woman who sparked their love for fine jewelry and a desire to share their passion with the community.

Since opening, family demands have taken some of the founders away from the day-to-day running of the store, but Barbara Serna has remained, sharing her three decades of knowledge and experience with customers, ensuring they receive exactly what they want at the best possible value.

When interviewed about the store's history, Barbara shared that several people over the years have suggested they move to Santa Fe "where the business is better", but Barbara and the family have always said no. Española and northern New Mexico is home. Barbara actually grew up in Santa Fe, but her father was from El Rancho and she says early on her family recognized that "Española really needed an actual jewelry store".

"I've enjoyed being in Española. People here are very warm, in a genuine way. Unfortunately, people think of Española as the drug place or as someplace you wouldn't want to be, but I tell them all the time the 'if you knew the heart of this city, it's amazing'. The people are so warm and caring and giving.

People always stop by to check in and make sure I'm okay and just check on me. It's really nice to have that kind of loyalty from people.

Alicia Fine Jewelers has also been very involved with the community since they first opened. They have donated thousands of dollars in jewelry to local churches, schools and organizations for fundraisers, plus helping out in many other ways.

Unlike chain jewelry stores that are commonly found in larger cities, Alicia Fine Jewelers does not require staff to hit a sales quota, a practice that sometimes results in staff pushing low quality and overpriced items on unsuspecting customers. Instead, Barbara Serna explains that she and her family carefully select inventory based on what they see customers want, and help the customers to find what they really need.

"I have made some of my very best friends from this store." Barbara explains, "Clients over time, you get to know them and their families. To me that's a part of having a business,  really caring for somebody. It's not just making a sale. It's helping them to make a decision for a gift. Not necessarily what's the most expensive, but what I think is the best for their needs. And so those customers, year in and year out, come in because they trust me. They know I'm here to help them out and not take advantage of them."

A visit to the store quickly reveals what Serna is talking about. Barbara herself is in the store every Monday through Friday, and she has hand selected two other assistants who understand the business to assist on Saturday's or during busy hours.

Jewelry and watches are selected for quality and affordability. Barbara also showcases items created by local artisans, including exquisite rosaries manufactured by local artist Matt Druan, and award-winning jewelry that has been showcased at Spanish Market in Santa Fe.

Along with traditional styles of jewelry, the store carries locally produced pieces from award-winning artisans. Valley Daily Post photo

Some of the more popular items are quality watches. Alicia Fine Jewelers carries several quality brands, such as Citizen and Bulova, as well as others.

Quality gold watches with NFL team faces will last for years and make an incredible gift for the true fans. Barbara says she sells a lot of these style of watches for both men and women.  

"Cowboys and Broncos are the most popular, but I can order ANY team. I also carry team watches for kids. If you are my customer and you need little repairs done or need a battery, it's yours. I do it free for our customers."

Quality NFL Team watches are a popular gift for true fans. Every team is available in various styles. Valley Daily Post photo 

The store also carries a variety of other product lines, including custom made jewelry to order with family photo or images, silver with gemstones, locally manufactured jewelry by local artists and many other items. Beautiful personal engraving is also available and logos can be engraved as well.

The store is entering what is usually the busiest time of the year, between now and Christmas.   Traditionally, their busiest days of the year are Dec. 22-24, but the weekends before Christmas are sometimes slow, so it is a great time to stop in. Layaway purchasing is also available to help customers budget for their purchases. Between now and Christmas, Alica Fine Jewlers is open seven days a week

When shopping for a special gift, or just looking for a personal item, there is nothing like this small personal store. Alicia Fine Jewelers is truly "the community's jewelry store" where customers can count on receiving the best advice and service, even if it isn't the most expensive item or if it sends them to a competitor.