Weekly Fishing Report

by Staff Reporter / Jul 14, 2017 / comments

Weekly Fishing Report

By George Morse Sports and Outdoors

As the weather continues to be hot and dry with widely scattered thunderstorms, the fishing in the lakes and rivers is slowing down as the water warms and streamflows drop. This time of the year the best fishing is often to be had early in the morning or late in the evening.

One of the better spots to try would be the Rio Grande. The streamflow has dropped to less than normal from the Colorado state border all the way down to Velarde. Spinners like the Panther Martin are a good choice under the present conditions. Smallmouth bass are starting to hit in the Rio Grande. I’ve found that both trout and bass will hit spinners so using these lures can yield a mixed bag. Many of the bass will be under the 12-inch size limit for smallmouths. Using light tackle will enable you to enjoy the fighting abilities of these little bass.

Fly fishers should try streamers, which will elicit strikes from both bass and trout. Nightcrawlers should work for bait fishermen.

The best fishing on the Chama River is now above El Vado Lake. The water is at a good level for fly-fishing. Spinners and nightcrawlers will also catch fish. The water in the upper Chama can drop to very low levels in August and that makes for tough fishing. The fishing below El Vado Dam is good all summer because of the cold water released from below the Dam. This area is heavily stocked and last week received a planting of 100 big rainbow trout. The fishing below Abiquiu is still rated as slow, but there are big trout here.

A fat rainbow trout (above) and a 18 in "Cutbow" caught below El Vado Dam this past weekend. Photo by George Morse for the Valley Daily Post

Some of the smaller streams are fishing well. The flow in the Red River is holding up well. Kids can try their luck in the Red River Hatchery Pond. The Rio Pueblo near Penasco is heavily stocked and has a population of wild brown trout as well. It’s worth a try.

The Pecos River is at a good level for all types of fishing, be it flies, lures or bait. During the week is a good time to fish the Pecos as it can get hit pretty hard on weekends.

Eagle Nest Lake seems to have the best fishing among the bigger lakes. The trout have been hitting Power Bait from both shore and from boats. The perch fishing has been good with worms. Northern Pike are also being caught. You can catch all the pike you want here as there is no limit on pike and any you catch must be kept. Pike are good eating if you filet them right. You can find good instructions on how to clean pike on the Internet.

Some of the smaller lakes are fishing well. Eagle Rock Lake near Questa and Lake Maloya near Raton are rated as good. Hopewell Lake near Tres Piedras and Laguna del Campo near Los Ojos are rated fair-to-good. I’d try the evening rise at Hopewell. Laguna del Campo received two stockings of big rainbow trout last week.

The fishing at Santa Cruz Lake is rated as fair. It can get hot during the day at this lower-elevation lake and early morning or late evening fishing will be more comfortable.

San Gregorio Lake in the Jemez Mountains has been good lately. It was stocked a couple of weeks ago with over 6,000 catchable rainbows, so that’s likely why. Fenton Lake has been slow due to the hot weather. If you have kids, the nearby Seven Springs Brood Pond might be a better choice. Only kids under 12 are allowed to fish there.

The bass and walleye fishing at Abiquiu Lake is just fair right now