Pets Of The Week

by Staff Reporter / Nov 14, 2017 / comments

Pets Of The Week

Each week the Valley Daily Post features pets that are ready for adoption.  

Take a look at this weeks highlighted pets and then drop by the shelter to see the whole selection.


Young Tammy is a cutie! She's active and fun, and will demand lots of playtime and exercise. She's secure around strangers so will benefit to have a fenced in yard, so she does not run off with someone. She’s not shy so she will quickly approach to hop into your lap and lick your face. Tammy has enjoyed living with other dogs so will be happy in a multi-dog home. She is about 8wks old.



Charlotte is a cute gal! Charlotte is adorable and outgoing, greeting new friends with a sweet smile and wiggly enthusiasm. She is playful and enthusiastic about life, always up for the next adventure that comes her way. She loves playing fetch and going on walks, always eager to explore and meet new friends. She is only 8wks old so she is ready to learn. She is part hound so she will need to be kept busy.  


There is one unwanted animal for every two households in Española. The Española Valley Humane Society performs over 5,000 spay and neuter surgeries each year.  Please help end pet overpopulation by donating at

If you have any questions please feel free to call (505)753-8662