Autumn Is Here!

by Staff Reporter / Sep 22, 2017 / comments

Autumn Is Here!

Staff Report

We residents of the Valley, along with the rest of the northern half of the Earth should get ready for shorter days and cold weather, because Fall is here. Today, Sept. 22 2017 is  Fall Equinox, officially the first day of autumn and if you travel to the nearby mountains you will see signs that it is starting to get cooler.

Leaves are starting to show color as they lose their green and prepare to shed for the winter.

 Leaves in the Jemez Mountains are beginning to turn colors. This photo and cover image above were taken last week and are courtesy of Marci Partin.

Fall Equinox occurs every year around Sept 22 or 23 when the tilt and orbit of the earth reach the point where the sun’s rays shine directly over the equator, meaning the amount of sun received by the northern and southern halves of the earth is perfectly equal. But tomorrow and every day between now and March 20 the northern hemisphere will receive less light than the south. 

This means, in the coming weeks you can expect the full force of fall to begin.

Very soon the mountains will be covered in gold and red leaves and then soon after (we hope) snow.

Summer is officially over and the joys of autumn can begin.

Enjoy this special day and the entire upcoming fall and winter seasons!