AFT-NM Responds To New Mexico PARCC Results

by Staff Reporter / Jul 26, 2017 / comments

AFT-NM Responds To New Mexico PARCC Results

Tuesday, July 25, the New Mexico Public Education Department released the PARCC results for all schools in New Mexico. See an earlier article covering the results in Espanola Public Schools HERE.

The American Federation of Teachers New Mexico President Stephanie Ly released the following statement regarding the PARCC scores:

“With today’s release of the Partnership for Assessment and Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) scores, interim Secretary Christopher Ruszkowski continued the practice of his predecessor of blaming anyone and everyone throughout New Mexico for the results.

Stephanie Ly

“In 2015, then-Secretary Skandera blamed dismal scores for the transition process to a new test, and infamously stated students would, ‘rise to the challenge.’ Then, in 2016, Ms. Skandera said poor scores were due to students continuing their acclimation to a more rigorous test format. Now, in a tradition for New Mexico Secretaries of Education, Christopher Ruszkowski is blaming poor scores on entire public school districts, notably Albuquerque Public Schools, who have rejected so-called public school reforms under the Martinez/Skandera/Ruszkowski administration. It is further troubling interim-Secretary Ruszkowski chose to spin results to news outlets before allowing letting districts view and analyze their scores.

“It is now 2017, and other than continued low scores, New Mexico doesn’t have much to show for its tens-of-millions of dollars wasted on the PARCC exam. Coupled with the continued high-stakes graduation and retention decisions made based on the results of PARCC, it is truly sad the Secretary continues to jeopardize our student’s futures in such a callous way.

“As other states continue to drop the PARCC exam, we call upon interim-Secretary Ruszkowski to follow their lead, and dump the PARCC exam in New Mexico. It is clear that PARCC is not working for our students, schools, and professional educators. After seven years of failed ‘reforms,’ now is the time for Mr. Ruszkowski and NM PED to rise to the challenge of leadership, and break away from the failed legacy of Hannah Skandera. Our students deserve no less