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Weird Weather Hits Valley

An unusually cold and wet weather front is making itself felt throughout northern New Mexico today as residents in the Valley woke up to snow.
The unusual weather has caused several events scheduled for this weekend to be canceled or postponed, including the Española clean up day and the opening day ceremony for the little league.
The National Weather Service projects that the weather front will remain in the area until Saturday.


Little League Opening Day Postponed Due To Weather

The Española Valley Youth Baseball/Softball League (Little League) has decided to postpone the season opening ceremony until May 6...

Business Directory Coming Soon!

by Staff Reporter / Mar 31, 2016 / comments

Business Directory Coming Soon!


Legislature Wrap Up Interview With Representative Nick Salazar

by Editor / Apr 16, 2015 / comments

Santuario Pilgrims: Stories From The Road

by Staff Reporter / Apr 03, 2015 / comments

Santuario Pilgrims: Stories From The Road

CHIMAYO - As has been done for decades, the walkers are on the road again to the Santuario de Chimayo. Northern New Mexico residents are familiar with the Easter week tradition when over 10 thousand pilgrims will walk to the Santuario chapel in Chimayo.

Capital Outlay Bill Dies As Legislature Adjourns: Bill Failure Costs Valley $3.5 Million

by Editor / Mar 22, 2015 / comments

Capital Outlay Bill Dies As Legislature Adjourns

  • Bill Failure Costs Valley $3.5 Million 

An unanticipated conflict kills the capital outlay bill funding many local projects. Read on to learn how this conflict arose and what impact it will have on local communties.